Family Dedication Request Form

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*Which campus would you like to have your child dedicated at?:
*Which Date?:
*What is your first choice in service time?:
*If that service if full which would you prefer as a backup? :
*How many children will be participating in the Family Dedication?:
*First Child being Dedicated (First, Middle, Last, & any suffix):
*First Child's Date of Birth:
*Please tell us briefly how you decided on your their name.:
Second Child being Dedicated (First, Middle, Last, & any suffix):
Second Child's Date of Birth:
So, what's the story on their name?:
Third Child being Dedicated (First, Middle, Last, & any suffix):
Third Child's Date of Birth:
Let me guess, coin toss to see who's name choice won?:
Every parent loves to show off their beautiful child, and now's the best chance to do so. 
Please attach a picture of each child that will be dedicated, horizontal pictures work best. 
But Wait! There's more! We'll add to your album with gorgeous pictures taken of the dedication. 
*1st Child's Photo:
2nd Child's Photo:
3rd Child's Photo: